The American brand UGG

Founded in 1973 by Brian Smith, the American brand UGG specializes in the manufacture of bags, clothing, household items, as well as and especially shoes.

Indeed, this brand, currently in the United States and more than a hundred other countries in the world, has earned its reputation with its famous classic boots made of sheepskin. The present model, baptized “Bailey”, is one of the brand’s special items.

This pair of flat heel boots is made for women. At first glance, it displays a simple but very classic design, which can accompany any outfit.

Besides the style, the particularity of this pair of UGG shoes lies in its design. The inside of these boots has been carefully crafted from sheepskin, giving them a sensory softness; the outside is leather.

As for the sole, the inside is also made of sheepskin and the outside is Treadlite by UGG, a very light and ultra-durable material. All of this put together with a very stylish nylon binder.

UGG boots not only wick away moisture, but also regulate heat. In cold weather, these shoes keep their feet warm, and in hot weather they keep them dry.

Authored by Liana T. (WebSales)

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